Coin master is one of the most popular mobile games available at . The popularity of the game spans over a decade. The casino challenge is taking the world by storm. Here is a look at how you can win when playing.

Wise Use of Spins

When playing coin master, you can get up to five free spins within an hour. Continued gameplay will ensure you unlock the ability to multiply gains by twice or thrice. Therefore, you end up spending two or three spins instead of one.

You have a chance through the virtual slot machines to raid other people's villages through use of shields, hammers and more spins. 3-reel spins provide a chance to get more rewards when you managed to secure all the three symbols during a spin.

  • Hammers to raid villages
  • 50 free spins within meter
  • Over 15,000 coins to win

Each combination on the slot machine will result in different results when playing coin master. You might feel tempted to login after every hour to use the free spins. Maintain your urge to get more spins after a long period of time.

Not Storing Gold

As a new beginner, there is the option to continue saving gold. It is not a good idea to keep hoarding resources when playing Coin Master. There is constant raids in the game where other players can invade your village at some point.

How to Attack and Raid

You can earn more gold in Coin Master through attacking and raiding other villages. Attacking gives you the chance to invade another village while hoarding coins in the process. You can choose to attack a random friend or one from your social media page.

Why Choose to Raid?

Raiding results in even more abundant rewards for a player. The raiding process includes digging into three of the four holes that remain scattered on the village's grounds. The hole can either be empty or full of a bonus chest for you.

  • Attacking your Facebook friends
  • Select the holes carefully before digging

How to Carry a Successful Raid

The two finger technique is a wie strategy to use for ensuring a successful raid. The technique only applies when a player initially dug two holes using their coins. It is a strategy to ensure you do not end messing on your last chance.

Looking into Daily Bonuses

You stand to gain a whole of rewards by simply logging into Coin Master on a daily basis. Apart from collect all free spins and rewards gained overnight, you stand the chance to make use of the daily bonus offered to players.